Criteria and Transportation Decision Models

Decision Lens conducted a review of 14 transportation industry models from 12 organizations focusing on capital investment, transportation improvement and long range plans.  Included in the review was a mixture of transit agency models and those from state/local transportation organizations (DOTs and MPOs/RPOs).  Many models had similar concepts represented, but not always at the same level of the hierarchy or explicitly using the same words. For the analysis, we were able to take high-level concepts across the models and determine areas where common criteria are used, as well as how the criteria are defined.

Criteria are the driving factors used to define success for a specific decision.  Criteria represent either a broad goal or specific objective against which an alternative is evaluated.   Many transit agencies and DOTs focus their decision models around prioritizing assets. Below is a snapshot of the percentage of models using various criterion.

What are your thoughts on the criteria displayed? Do these criteria represent your understanding of how transportation clients prioritize assets?


Live from the West Coast – Transportation Summit

San Francisco, CaliforniaDecision Lens is hosting a Transportation Summit with leaders from Transit Agencies and Department of Transportation (DOT) organizations throughout the west coast. Check back throughout the day on Meetings Improved  as we post findings and discussions that occur live!


In working with many transportation customers (both transit agencies and DOTs) across the country, our Decision Solutions Group (DSG) has observed a number of trends and best practices in the industry and are sharing them today at a Transportation Summit held in San Francisco. Our west coast Decision Lens team is facilitating discussions with participants centered around learning more about specific challenges transit and DOTs are facing and discussing customized solutions to the most pressing issues.

The Summit plans to address questions like:

  • What complex decisions are others wrestling with, and how do they use Decision Lens?
  • Is there a standard language and set of criteria we can work toward as an industry?
  • What criteria and decision-making processes are commonly used?
  • What effective stakeholder strategies could we employ to be more effective?
  • How can we optimize our resources across time periods, multiple pools and account for inflation?

As we post discussion topics, it would be great to hear from you, feel free to offer comments.