About this Blog

This blog has two basic purposes. The first is to learn together how to use meetings as a tool to make better business decisions. Meetings were never intended to take over our professional lives. But as we face increasingly complex challenges, we schedule more meetings in hopes to find the solution. Soon they start creeping into every area of our lives, sucking enormous time and energy. And gradually we start having meetings just to have them.

The point of this blog is not to suggest entirely doing away with meetings, but to use them as a means for making decisions more effectively.

The second purpose of this blog is to provide Decision Lens clients (and any others who may be interested) with the materials, frameworks, and information they need to use the Decision Lens methodology and software in their world. This is also a forum for sharing ideas and experiences. In fact, we expect most of the value of this online community will come from the dialogue that takes place between interested participants.

Since we have all participated in meetings, we all have something to share. So feel free to jump in!


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